FOR MID WEEK TRAINING GROUND CLOSURES go by the Central Coast Council website

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Council operates an SMS Bounce back service and allocates each sporting field a code; KANWAL CODES: Wadalba Oval/Wadalba High School WSCWADA. Old Kanwal Oval WSCKANW.

SMS WSCWADA or WSCKANW to 19925465. SMS cost 55 cents per message sent. For SMS support, call 1300 552 189. Bounceback SMS users under the age of 18 must have the account holders permission to use this service.

Council update their website with ground closures after 2pm on weekdays. We will endeavour to update our website, Club App and Facebook page as well if work commitments allow. If a field is closed on a Friday it is up to the individual clubs to decide if they open or close the fields for play on the following Saturday or Sunday.

IF A FIELD IS CLOSED PLEASE DON’T TRAIN ON IT. If Council become aware that we have used it when closed, they can suspend our usage of the field or take the field away from us all together.

If a Club closes its field for play on the weekend the field status will be updated on the CCF website as they make the decision. Clubs inspect their fields by 6:00am on a Saturday or Sunday and update the field status to CCF. If it's been raining late in the week, check the CCF website before heading off to the game.

NOTE: Council no longer change the open/closed signs at ovals and some have been removed completely from grounds. If there is a sign there take no notice.