Have you heard about our Committee Incentive Program?

The Club is in much need of volunteers in the upcoming season so we are introducing the Committee Incentive Program from 2022.

This is to encourage help around the grounds on weekends, whether it’s helping in an official role or doing a few hours at Wadalba Oval.

We want to recognise those that volunteer their time and help in running our Club, so the following incentives have been put in place from the 2022 season.


For those that have been voted on to the committee in active role at the AGM, and have an ongoing role throughout the 2022 season, you will be eligible for a 50% discount on the price of one registration for yourself, or a family member for the 2022 season.


For Committee members who are looking to help around the grounds on weekends, we have come up with the following incentive plan.

General committee will receive a credit for the 2023 season based on the amount of hours given at grounds throughout the season. This could just be putting on a vest as a ground official, helping set up and pack up fields or sitting at the official table to answer questions. There will be a committee handbook at the desk at all times which will help guide you.

General committee will receive 5% off for every 2 hours rostered at grounds, up to 25% off. Therefore, if you give 10 hours at grounds throughout the year, you receive a 25% discount towards the following year’s registration.

If you would like more information about how your can help us and be rewarded at the same time, please email treasurer@kanwalfootball.com.au